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Trevco Men's Star Trek Live Long Hand T-Shirt Navy

1170 reviews
  • Model: B0045VXI7W-410_2
  • 390 Units in Stock
  • Manufactured by: Trevco

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Star trek live long hand graphic featured on the front of a men's t-shirt


1170 reviews
  • By E Malatesta On 2017-11-18Item came as described and faster then given date. Shirt is not pre shrunk, wash carefully to avoid shrinkage.Update - Size of shirt is XL. Notice that the design does not take up the same amount of space. Mine looks a bit off. I wish they would of compensated that for larger sizes the design should be larger as well.
  • By OnlineGuru31 On 2017-11-18Cool shirt and fit as described. I think it's a cool design and it fit me exactly as I expected it to fit. I ordered an XL and it fit well. I washed it and it may have shrunk a tiny bit but I think that happens no matter what you buy in clothing. Love it and I'm embracing my inner nerd.
  • By SJB On 2017-11-18My boyfriend can't get enough of Star Trek. It fits as expected XXL. He loves it.
  • By E. Corrigan On 2017-11-18I bought this to wear at a recent Trek conference in Vegas to help celebrate Nimoy's life. I continue to wear it and get nothing but positive responses.
  • By Jefferson Knox On 2017-11-18Should of ordered XL because L was too snug. So I ordered another one, this time XL. T-shirt sizes are kind of like shoes, they are different depending on brand. One companies XL might be a Medium from anothers. Or one company might call a shirt of the same size Large, while another says it XXL. Great quality shirt tho
  • By Will On 2017-11-18nice
  • By Karen On 2017-11-18Not the first t-shirt I've bought online so I'm already pretty apt at making sure I click the right size! As a die-hard Trekkie I'm really glad this fit perfectly, the material is super comfortable and of course I love the homage to the great Spock. Definitely recommend this.
  • By Sylvia Patzold On 2017-11-18This was a birthday present for my brother. He loves the shirt.
  • By TheSkis On 2017-11-18Perfect Gift.
  • By LaMurphette On 2017-11-18Excellent
  • By J. St Pierre On 2017-11-18GOOD: Fit as expected. Colors look good upon arrival and printed graphic is centered.BAD: Arrived *intentionally damaged*. The seam on the back of the neck has been CUT to remove a tag. I assume the company didn't want me to know what brand of blank shirt they used. Since the thread was cut, I expect the entire seam will unravel with just one or two washes.I really want to like this shirt, but I can't keep it as is. I will be returning it, and haven't decided if I will try ordering a replacement. If I do, I'll update this review.
  • By Kenneth On 2017-11-18I swear by my pretty floral bonnet, that I was waiting for the inevitable betrayal. When the man in the Browncoat dropped his cargo at my door like a Capasan-38 engine, it was beginning to damage my calm. I tore into the package like a hungry Reaver. As I held up the shirt I was Sanguine. The color was right, and I had a little Jayne day celebration when I saw the logo. The fit was shiny! Now it is time for some thrilling heroics in my new shirt.
  • By Kelvincold On 2017-11-18I ventured out, and bought from a 3rd party vendor. Which is essentially a crap shoot, but for $10, well I wanted a SUN shirt. What I got was something I would consider "authentic." The material is maybe cotton, the logo looks like it was super enlarged (all the edges a wavy blurry-hey, new font name!), and it even may be slightly off center! So if this was manufactured before the battle of Serenity, on a border planet, by Reavers in their spare time, it's an excellent reproduction. I gave it an extra star because mine came without the Serenity logo in the bottom right.
  • By Sean On 2017-11-18I like to wear this shirt when I go skiing. I also wear my Jayne hat and am working on piecing together a whole Jayne outfit for my ski trips.Anywho, the point I'm getting at is that one of my skiing friends hails from Hong Kong, and gave me a quizzical look one day and asked why the English on my shirt said "Blue Sun" while the Chinese said "Green Sun", more specifically a kind of green tint. I had to explain that this is the one from the show, off-color translation or not. If you want the shirt from the show, this is the one. If you want a shirt that actually says "Blue Sun" in the Chinese characters, you may want to look elsewhere, but I will say that the color and contrast of this shirt are still excellent after a season's cycles of abuse on the slopes and subsequent washing.Long story short, wear this shirt in front of your bilingual English/Chinese friends and confuse them.
  • By Joel De Gan On 2017-11-18Edit: I lowered the rating as the shirt didn't make it through a wash.Do NOT buy this product and I would suggest avoiding this seller.First off, I know this is a knock-off product, but at least it could have been the right material. This shirt showed up and was a shiny light brown printed on what appears to be some kind of shiny Rayon or some blend of other synthetic materials. I don't know for sure because the tag was removed before sending me the shirt. The listing clearly says "100% cotton", which is what I was, at the very least, hoping for. The printing is obviously a blown up smaller graphic you can easily find online. You might be better off finding the image yourself and printing through a custom shirt printer online if you care about things like; size, color, material, quality and that it will not show up until five weeks after you order it. I would rate this one-star but I can use the shirt for hiking as you don't want cotton material for that, so perhaps I can find a use for it.
  • By Pharaohman On 2017-11-18There are many versions of this shirt out there but most of them are not accurate to what Jayne Cobb actually wore on Firefly. Throughout the show there were some discrepancies with the Blue Sun logo and while the inaccurate shirts do have an accurate representation of how the logo was depicted elsewhere in the show this one is accurate with respect to the shirt. The difference is the Chinese lettering at the bottom. The first character of the shirt is a more general character for Blue that includes all shades of blue. The inaccurate shirts use a different character more specific to a particular shade of the color blue. The research was interesting and really made me wonder if there was something intentional there or if it was merely a blooper. Regardless if you are looking for a high quality shirt that accurately duplicates what was worn on the show then this one is a no brainer.
  • By Amazon Customer On 2017-11-18I received the wrong color shirt. The picture on this website shows a dark tan/brown color. What I got was a very light tan or beige color. Also, the logo is off center! It looks ridiculous. Don't buy this shirt, get it from somewhere else. I'll have to get the one with the wrong characters on it I guess (the shirt that Jayne wore was 青日, other shirts say 藍日) The only good thing about this shirt is the material doesn't feel thin and cheap like other shirts.
  • By It's me... On 2017-11-18All the other feedback is dead on: - Accurate BLUE SUN logo - Accurate color - Sized right - Good quality - No Serenity logo except for inside - Definately an insider item...some will get it, most will not.This is the kind of t-shirt that will get BETTER with age, wear, and fading!Well worth the money.
  • By Lisa Donaghue On 2017-11-18This was the most inexpensive, most true-to-the-show version of the shirt I could find, and it's definitely recognizable to other Firefly fans if you wear it out!Bought as a gift, fits as expected. My partner is 5'11" with wide shoulders and a narrow waist, and the Medium shirt fits him decently. It's not particularly soft (if that's your thing), but not unwearable like some cheap shirts--looks very normal when worn, not too stiff or anything. Partner is sensitive to clothing textures, but he can wear this frequently in the summer.
  • By Ceej On 2017-11-18I love this shirt.It's subtle enough that only real fans get it, and people who don't know don't think anything of it.What really gets me though, is the texture of the shirt. With T-Shirts, I feel like ordering online is always a gamble. While 100% cotton sounds great, some are thick and don't breathe, some are too thin and breezy, I felt like this was perfectly in the middle for me. It's smooth and comfortable, but it's just thick enough to have a good weight and hang nicely. One of my favorite shirts.

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Trevco Men's Star Trek Live Long Hand T-Shirt Navy
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Trevco Men's Star Trek Live Long Hand T-Shirt NavyTrevco Men's Star Trek Live Long Hand T-Shirt NavyB0045VXI7W-410_2$25.00  $20.00Save: 20% off1170 reviews

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