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Alien Men's Weyland T-shirt Black Black

162 reviews
  • Model: B00O3WGL54-432_7
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  • Manufactured by: Alien

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100% pre-shrunk cotton, fabric weight 5.5 oz.
State of the Art Digitally Printed
Officially Licensed Apparel. Printed in the U.S.A.
Printed On Demand Ships in 3-7 Days
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Alien 20th Century Fox extraterrestrial science-fiction film graphic print 'Weyland' adult short sleeve movie t-shirt.


162 reviews
  • By Pipeburns On 2017-12-10This shirt fits great, and is good quality. However, when I was wearing it, we had some sort of infestation in my building. We lost a lot of good people, but we took off and nuked the site from orbit. It was the only way to be sure.
  • By Steven W. Hill On 2017-12-10I'm glad there's a shirt like this available - too bad the execution is so poor. The logo is an extreme blowup of a lossy low resolution jpeg image, it's not high quality or high resolution at all. I'm 100% certain I could make a better one at home by myself with t-shirt transfer paper. I didn't really want to try it on when it arrived due to the strong chemical smell coming from the shirt (which I'm sure will go away after a few washes, but still.) The fabric is very thin, the shirt is not a name brand (or any brand, for that matter). My 3X size fits like a if my negative review doesn't put you off ordering, at least order a size larger than you normally would. Sorry, I just can't recommend this product.
  • By Phillip K. D. On 2017-12-10As a huge fan of the Alien franchise I was very excited to receive this shirt. When it arrived it was small, very small, like so small my young son could barely fit into it. Obviously, I was sent the wrong size; maybe if I have another child in the future I can save this shirt and give it to them when they are like 7 or 8 as part of a Alien themed Halloween costume.When I contacted the manufacturer for guidance they stated that I would have to pay for shipping to return it and get another. Great....if you look at the product description it states "Free Return on some sizes and colors". I guess since they sent me the wrong size that they decided it was not one of the "some sizes and colors" that qualify for a return.Pro Tip: If you send someone the wrong size you should replace it for free as the fault is with you. Obviously, the days of good old fashioned customer service are a new concept for these guys.Buyer beware!PROS: The small dish rag sized shirt I received was a good quality, the material feels 'good' to the touch and the Weyland logo is printed just fine.CONS: Too small, like way way too small. You will probably end up using it as a rag to wash your car or clean your house with or if you are lucky enough to have a spare small 7-8 year old child running around you can probably give it to them to show off your Alien coolness.
  • By THX1138 On 2017-12-10Oh man... this is just soooo cool! Like the NOSTROMO Ball Cap (sold by a different Amazon vendor); this is something that only truly Serious Hard Core Fans of ALIEN (and the entire 20th Century Fox Alien film franchise) will recognize and appreciate! Great "Inside Joke" for Sci-Fi Fans! Shirt is a HIGH QUALITY cotton T-shirt and the screen printing appears to be of an exceptional quality. NOTE... the WY logo is INTENTIONALLY designed to look "well-worn" and faded as if it was a "used" T-Shirt; kinda like one that you might find Brett wearing under a Hawaiian shirt while he's making repairs on one of the many lower levels of the NOSTROMO! "Here, kitty, kitty, kitty!" (Meow...) "Jonesy? Here Jonesy!
  • By Stephen Mann On 2017-12-10The T-Shirt is great as far as fit is concerned (I went XX and it is a roomy, good fit), but is made from a very light weight material. I knew this going in so I wasn't surprised much.The logo is printed directly on the shirt, and has a "mildly distressed" look.Pretty much what I wanted. I wish the shirt was a bit more substantial but it's still pretty good value for money as it stands.
  • By Jay A On 2017-12-10The printing on this shirt is well done, the material is thick and comfortable. My only complaint is that the cut is a little odd. Im 6'2 225lbs and usually wear an XL. I ordered this shirt in XL but the sleeves are a little shorter than normal and the mid-section has lots of space - this cut would work well on a short heavyset guy. This shipping took a while two but I can live with that since I ordered a custom shirt about a movie that came out 37 years ago.
  • By D. Jensen On 2017-12-10Too small after the wash. This shirt fit almost too big right away. After the wash it shrank considerably more than most shirts do after a wash. It is like it went from an XL to a medium. I may try to exchange this for a XXL just so it fits correctly after the first wash.
  • By Nick On 2017-12-10I like it. The only thing that prevents me from giving it 5 stars is that it has a noticeable tag in the rear. I personally prefer t-shirts that are tagless. That would have been nice, but the tag in the back is no better or worse than any other shirt with a tag. It's a nice, rather lightweight blend.
  • By Aaron H On 2017-12-10Got to excited for this as a long time fan of the Alien franchise and in the end, extremely disappointed as I threw this in the garbage.- Pro's:Weyland Yuntani logoCon's- Cheap Chinese shirt- XLƺX and 3X fit like a Large- Logo as another mentioned is a low res internet gif blown up- I wasted $15 dollars- The shipping (literally coming from China on a boat) took almost a month.Do yourself a favor and skip this.
  • By MAL On 2017-12-10Nice shirt. Love the design! Bought the 3x because most shirts I get online seem to run small but this is sized true so is a bit large on me. I will still wear it but might buy another in 2x for a better fit. I would say buy your actual size with this 1. Five stars!

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